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Church Council Agrees to Upper Rooms


On Monday 2nd December Holy Trinity PCC agreed to expand our original plan to include a strip of Upper Rooms in
the roof space of the hall.  This is now seen as an absolutely necessary step in order to get permission for building. Without the extra Upper Rooms, the hall will only partially meet our needs. In short, we would still have to hire space beyond the church plant every week for our Children’s Provision.

Although providing for our own children’s ministry is only part of the vision, it is an important one – ongoing into the future. Our previous plan, which left only the hope of a second building was simply not secure enough.

Building rooms into the roof space will definitely be more expensive, but it will be much more cost-effective than a second building, and it will provide a much neater, more economic solution.  For more information, see Our Most Up-To-Date Plan

With this and other factors in mind, we have revised our fund-raising target to £380,000


calling up pray-ersIt’s just beginning!

Although we’ve been working and praying towards this for nearly 40 years one way or another, we now feel that we’re on the brink of a wonderful venture. Of course we’ve felt like this before, but now we seem to have something that’s both attainable and “right”.

On October 21st 2013, the Church Council decided to move forward to the initial design phase, and on Sunday 27th October, our Project Team was commissioned in the morning service.

See “Our Vision” and “History” for more details.