Our Designers for this project will be Straw Works (formerly Amazon Nails) led by Barbara Jones FRSA. Collectively, Barbara and her team have been involved in more than 300 straw buildings in the UK and Europe.  Straw Works lead designer is Kuba Wihan, from Prague, and he will be working closely with us, along with Barbara.

Our Diocesan Advisory Committee is that of Southwark Diocese.  They scrutinise every significant church alteration, none of which can take place without a Faculty from the Chancellor of the Diocese. Their guidance and advice is invaluable.  Our Archdeacon is the Ven. Simon Gates.

Our Inspecting Architect is Karen Butti of Thomas Ford. Karen knows the building well, and also sits on the Southwark DAC. Her support will be crucial through the Faculty Process.

Our Borough is Lambeth – we cannot proceed without their planning approval.

Tulse Hill Forum is an independent voluntary group working together for the good of our local neighbourhood. As a local community church, Holy Trinity is very involved in Tulse Hill Forum

Build-It Lambeth is a local scheme to help prepare young people for apprenticeship. We plan to be involving Build-It Lambeth during the construction phase.

Job Centre Plus will be helping us maximise our training for future employment.

Church & Community Fund (CCF) have awarded us £15,000.

Walcot Foundation (Walcot) have awarded us £40,000 over two years, along with support to make our training programme more effective for young people aged 16-25.

AllChurches Trust (AllChurches) have awarded us £7,000.

Local Businesses including Fulham Timber, Norwood Rd Veterinary Surgery, and Eden Harper Estate Agents, and Land Securities have supported us.

Lambeth College have shown interest in using our project for student work-experience.

Six Local Schools are keen to be involved hands-on when we come to build.

Hopefully, by the time you return to this page, it will be filled with the names of many more groups and individuals who are happy to be identified as partners with us in one way or another.