Our Vision at Holy Trinity is for a new Community Hall with kitchen, toilets and smaller meeting rooms on the ground to the rear of our main building.  But this is not just any Community Hall!

Our Vision is for a building made out of straw bales – a building that is environmentally friendly, a building that demonstrates good stewardship of the earth, a building in harmony with the earth, a building that will be for the good of the people of Tulse Hill.  That’s the physical outcome we’re looking for, but our vision is much more than that!

Our Vision is of a building process that everyone can be involved in:  a hands-on community build. We plan for young children and Senior Citizens to be contributing side-by-side, learning from each other and taking joy in each others’ company. We plan for as much construction as possible to be done by volunteers within the community – trained and overseen by straw bale specialists.

So our Vision goes beyond the well-being and recreation of local people; our vision extends to training local people, teaching new skills, opening up future employment opportunities, and giving encouragement in a world where there is such weariness and cynicism. And for young and old alike, our vision is one of environmental education for the future.

Our vision isn’t simply for New Hall. 

Our vision is for a Renewed Community