giving by textNow Give By Text – Free!

You can now help build our neighbourhood hub commission-free when you give by text. This means we get 100% – yes 100% – of your gift, as well as 100% of the Gift Aid bonus, if you pay UK income tax.

It couldn’t be easier.

Simply text:   thsb14 £20 to 70070.

(Substitute your own donation, eg £5, £50, £500)

Your gift will be forwarded to our bank account.

You will also receive a reply text asking whether you would like to Gift Aid the amount. Please do so, if you are eligible! The reply will direct you to a justtextgiving web page where you can complete the necessary details.

If you pay your phone by direct debit monthly, your gift will be added to your bill – so be aware that your monthly phone bill may seem unusually large!  However VAT will not be added to your gift amount.  All you will be charged for is your gift.

If you are on pay-as-you-go, please make sure there is enough credit on your phone card for your gift.

“thsb” stands for “Tulse Hill Straw Bales” and 14 indicates that we want to raise most of our £380,000 in 2014


This free service is provided by Vodafone in partnership with JustGiving.