The Parish of Tulse Hill has recently been extended and so some of our figures are not yet fully accurate. However, there are around 16,000 people living in a third of a square mile. It is a diverse population, rich in culture and personal stories. Over 60% live in rented accommodation – the large majority in social housing. The parish is younger than average in the UK and nearly 50% of households with dependent children are lone-parent.

Deprivation is hard to quantify.  Much of a person’s quality of life depends on less measurable aspects such personal faith, social networks, and so on. However, Government IMD statistics also put Tulse Hill in the bottom 10% of most deprived areas in the UK. The figure for children in poverty stands at 35% and the figure is similar for older people although there are less of them. Unemployment stands at about 14%, whilst those with long-term health issues or disabilities comprise around 13%.

Holy Trinity Tulse Hill is very much a parish church, and our worshiping members thoroughly reflect the people of our parish.We have a strong commitment to social transformation and an established track record in serving the people of Tulse Hill. Approximately two-thirds of our income – which is almost totally made up of donations by church members – is given towards serving the parish. (The other third is operational costs)  Take a look at Imagine Tulse Hill here to find out more about our many projects offering effective help to people dealing with debt, domestic violence, social isolation, and pressured childhoods.

The Parish of Tulse Hill is not “them” as opposed to “us” in the church.  It is all “us”.  We are all in this place together.  That’s why this project “We Can Build Our Church” is actually for everyone.  That’s why our vision for this project is that it will serve the whole community with social, envisioning, and practical training opportunities – and in so doing, create a parish hall for the whole community.