We have raised a whopping…

funding-05£348,000 so far!  Our initial fundraising aim was £380,000 so that is an incredible achievement – 92% of the target raised! Many thanks to all our supporters.

Unfortunately, costs have also risen.  A while back, we revised our fundraising aim to £460,000, which puts us back down to 75% achievement, but in fact the target will probably have to increase further.

We are currently working on firming up all the costs in more detail.  Some aspects have worked out to be less than our initial estimates.  The main things that look to be a lot more expensive are:

  • Our two main staircases will have to be custom built for around 65k – about £40k more than anticipated;
  • our ventilation system will cost about £45k – about 30k more than anticipated;
  • and our foundations will cost £60-90k which is about £30-60k more than anticipated.

These changes are partly due to the initial unknowns of a pioneering building, and partly because the building has developed beyond our initial sketches in order to be fit for purpose.


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