New Painting by our Resident Artist

Model Making at Holy Trinity School Fair
Model Making at Holy Trinity School Fair

So – we did it!  Built a more or less to scale model of the new building at the school fair – just under 2metres long. Carrying it back to church was like transporting the ark of the covenant.  Fortunately no-one stumbled and met with instant death!  Here is Priscilla Watkins’ sketch of the proceedings.

Our model will be THIS big…

testing out the modelOnly another 46 bricks of florists’ foam to cut into 8… A bit more wood chopping, then pack it all away to be created at the Holy Trinity School Fair.  To represent hazel pins, we’ll be using kebab sticks (not shown here).

If it all comes together without all falling down it will be quite a good activity – though we might end up with the adults having fun more than the kids!

I think we may need to paint those bales yellow – before they are eventually rendered with Plaster of Paris at the Lambeth Country Show. Otherwise the foam will suck up the moisture and the plaster will crack.

salt dough tyres-webAnd check out our car tyre foundations(!) – 100 of them lovingly made by Jacky from Salt Dough, and painted at our homework club.

All in all, a great educational experience – and will be for all who take part.  The materials for this model cost a little bit.  If you would like to sponsor the model, donate here.